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How CAP works

The availability of help through CAP is widely promoted throughout the local Community. 

However, all potential clients must take the first step by contacting CAP’s Central Free–Phone Number [0800 328 0006] in order to book an initial appointment with the local Centre. 

One of the staff then visits clients in their homes, together with a trained voluntary support worker accredited by a local church. The CAP approach and its implications are carefully explained before the clients are asked if they wish to embark upon the programme.

During the course of three separate appointments, all relevant information is collected in strict confidence and a realistic budget is agreed with the clients.

They will be required to cease using credit facilities and to keep to the agreed budget. They will be given their own CAP account, which acts like a simple bank account. Clients use this account to systematically pay off their debts and make regular savings.

Clients are supported in the longer term by a team of Case Workers at the Central Operations Centre in Bradford. If clients need help or have a change in circumstances, a Case Worker is available by phone from Monday to Friday. Frequently, this support is supplemented locally by James and his Team. CAP’s commitment to its clients lasts until they are debt free (normally within a target period of five years).  


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