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Prayer Ministry

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We have what is called a Prayer Ministry Team who are a group of people who have been trained in praying for others. Prayer ministry takes place at the front of church and the team are there to pray for any need that you may have. 

People come for prayer for all sorts of things, for physical healing, for guidance, for healing from past hurts and traumas etc. Sometimes people ask for prayer for loved ones & illnesses in their families. Others just want to meet afresh with God. Sometimes people come looking for God’s forgiveness and sometimes needing help to forgive others.

The team try to pray for people as they themselves would like to be prayed for, with compassion, respect, being treated with dignity, making people feel safe, always with confidentially the key. 

When people come forward for prayer they are asked what they want Jesus to do for them. He is the only one who can bring true healing, peace and hope in our lives and our aim is that as people come for prayer they will experience his presence and healing, knowing that he loves them and that He is interested in what is happening in their lives. 

Life at times can be difficult and not always go the way we would desire and plan. While we can pray ourselves sometimes it is good to have the prayers and support of others, this is what the prayer ministry team are there for.

New Wine Ireland run regular Prayer Ministry training days throughout the year find out more here.


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