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What’s on

Bishop’s Bible Week 2014

It was a great privilege to host the Bishop’s Bible Week this year at Willowfield Church.

This year Bishop Harold invited a new generation of Bible teachers to be the speakers each evening. The theme was ‘A Dangerous Faith‘ and we explored the biblical context, impact and dangerous meaning of the great commandments according to the Gospel of Mark. 

Monday 1 September – Andrew Brannigan                                              
The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Tuesday 2 September – Simon Genoe
Loving God with everything

Wednesday 3 September – Craig Cooney                                            
Loving others as we love ourselves.

Thursday 4 September – Jasper Rutherford                               
How far are we from the Kingdom?

Audio Downloads

You can listen again to each evening by clicking here.


Simon Genoe, who has been working at Lisburn Cathedral since 2009, was born and bred in Monaghan and became a Christian aged 13 at a camp in Wicklow.  He’s passionate about Liverpool Football Club, watching movies and being with his lovely wife Zara.

Andrew Brannigan directs the children’s, youth and families department in Down and Dromore.  He has written resources on confirmation, youth leadership, family faith and most recently an ideas resource for churches to engage with community.  He is married to Lynne and has 3 daughters.

Jasper Rutherford is commissioned as a Pioneer Evangelist with Church Army. His heart is to see people transformed by the love of Jesus and he has an expectancy and vision that this should be the norm. Jasper is married to Lynne and they have 3 children.

Craig Cooney leads St Catherine’s (formerly CORE), a church in inner–city Dublin which has experienced considerable growth in recent years. In his spare time Craig enjoys running, going to the gym, reading, and eating good food. He is married to Becky and they have a young son.


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