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A large cross and replica tomb will sit outside Willowfield Parish Church on the Woodstock Road from 6.00pm on Good Friday evening until 12 noon on Easter Day.

The tomb will be ‘guarded’ by volunteers from the congregation and some will be dressed in traditional uniforms resembling those worn by Roman soldiers.

“In recreating this scene, we want to bring home to our community and passers–by the awfulness of the cross and the death of Jesus Christ by execution almost 2,000 years ago,” said Willowfield’s rector, Revd David McClay.

“People are welcome to come and view and spend time at the cross and tomb and the ‘soldiers’ will be happy to talk about their own faith in the risen Christ.”

Revd McClay continued: “1 Peter 3.18 tells us that Christ died for our sins, once and for everyone, the just one for the unjust one, to bring us to God.

“God reaches towards us as individuals and he reaches towards our community and our city with His love. We see this clearly in His cross and in His death and in His resurrection.”

On Saturday, there will be opportunities for prayer for healing next to the cross and empty tomb (10.30am–12.30pm).

Willowfield’s sunrise service of worship on Easter Sunday (6am) will be followed by Holy Communion at the tomb, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.


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