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What’s on

Kingdom Men 14

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Eat food. Worship God. Be inspired.

Kingdom Men is more than a men’s breakfast, it is about inspiring men to connect with God and live Kingdom lives. 

Lives that proclaim and demonstrate God’s kingdom to those around us – our families, friends, colleagues, neighbours, churches, workplaces.In order to do this well, we need to step away from the things that are holding us back from being who we are called to be and to step into the inheritance and calling that is on each of us. 

It will be challenging. It will be equipping, releasing and empowering. It will be inspiring. It will be… Kingdom Men*.

*These mornings typically include times of worship, teaching, ministry and food with a few mental and sporting challenges and always include at least one video clip of someone falling over.

Speakers: Spud Murphy and Ken Clarke

Worship: Stephen Mayes 

Tickets on sale now: newwineireland.org 



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