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What’s on

Bible Comes to Life

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like during Biblical times? What would you eat or how would you dress? We’re so excited to invite you to an incredible opportunity to experience all of this for yourself. Join us and travel back in time with Bible Comes to Life as we learn and witness what life used to be like! 

A HUGE 2m x 3m model of the Temple
The Ark of the Covenant
Biblical Dress and Costumes to try
A Torah Scroll
Different Foods to try + MUCH MORE!

The Bible Comes to Life is a touring exhibition that uses unique exhibition materials to teach people about living the Biblical life and gives the opportunity to experience fascinating artifacts that illustrate the foundations of our Jewish and Christian faiths.

The exhibition will focus around six areas, Worship, Life in the Desert, Jewish Culture, Salvation, The Bible and Foods + Feasts. 

Wednesday 9 October // 7pm – 9.30pm
Thursday 10 October // 7pm – 9.30pm
Saturday 12 October // 10am – 5pm

We’re so excited to invite you to join us this October!


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