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What’s on

What’s on

Kingdom Men

Fighting our Battles

How do we as men fight the battles that rage within us and around us in society today?

New Wine Ireland and Christian Vision Men (CVM) are delighted to partner to deliver Kingdom Men in St Marks Church Portadown.

Kingdom Men is about inspiring men to connect with God and live a life that proclaims and demonstrates God’s kingdom to those around us – our families, friends, colleagues, neighbours, churches, workplaces, streets.

This morning will include times of worship, teaching, ministry and food.

Join us and bring a friend.

8.45am – Doors open
9am – Breakfast
9.45am – Welcome & Worship
10.15am – Session 1 – Spud Murphy
11am – Tea & Coffee break + challenges
11.45am – Session 2 – George Newell
12.30pm – Worship, ministry and thanks
1pm – Finish


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