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What’s on

Foundations // New Service Series

After four hundred years of silence when no Prophet in Israel had been heard we land in the New Testament for the coming of Christ. Things would never be the same for Jesus had come to redeem for Himself people of every tribe, people and language. From now until the beginning of lent on 6th March we will explore every Sunday passages from the first book of the New Testament, the gospel according to Matthew. 

Our staff team will take us to different passages of Mathew giving us foundations to build our lives on in 2019 and all our days. We will explore different passages at our evening services to the passages we explore in the mornings. So you can come if wish to both mornings and evenings as we meet in Matthew, Christ the King and adventure on living Kingdom Lives.


If you are new to Willowfield Church and would like to have someone meet you and show you around, please fill in your details below and we'll get back to you.

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