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Let’s Stick Together: An Evening for New Parents

In the excitement and utter exhaustion of becoming new mums and dads, the first thing that a couple can overlook is their own relationship.

Let’s Stick Together is a one hour session that introduces simple, practical skills that help couples relate well to each other.

No matter how different we are as individuals and couples, or what our circumstances are, the principles of healthy couple relationships are the same.

Let’s Stick Together looks at how to handle those inevitable differences:

Bad habits
These are the negative attitudes that can affect every relationship.

By learning to spot their own bad habits, couples can decide to put a stop to them before they cause deep conflict in their relationship.

Good habits
Many couples find they give and receive love in different ways.

By learning to recognise the five main ‘love languages’, couples learn how to communicate love to help them to connect with each other.

Keep dad involved
Finally, sometimes the easiest option can be for mum to take over most or all of the parenting and for dad to drift into the background.

Instead, the message here is ‘working as a team’ and make sure you spend time together.
Let’s Stick Together has been carefully evaluated and has been shown to provide straightforward and effective help for new mums and dads.



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