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We believe that prayer ‘Transforms’ lives because the living God hears, takes delight in, and responds to our cries. So, from Monday 2nd September, we will begin a period of 40 days of prayer & fasting as a church – asking God to TRANSFORM us, our community, city and nation.

We’re praying now. Join us… 

Download – 40 Day Prayer Guide

Download – Fasting Guidelines

The ‘TRANSFORM’ prayer guide has specific scripture and prayers for prayer guide each of the 40 days. Please commit to commit to pray each day. Use the Prayer Guide as part of your daily interaction with God – make time and choose a place to be with Him; be still; reflect on the daily Scripture passages; pray the prayers; hold before God the daily staff and ministry prayer foci; and ask God to bring his transformation!

We want to encourage you to practice the discipline of fasting over this period. According to biblical references, fasting is a way of earnestly seeking God’s presence, blessing, protection, forgiveness, and strength. So during ‘TRANSFORM’, we are aiming to have at least one person conducting a 24 hour fast on each of the 40 days; so it will be as though we are passing a ‘prayer’ baton from one member of the church family to another, every day, over the 6 weeks!  Please let us know what day(s) you are fasting so we can cover each day with 4 or 5 different people. (Please don’t feel restricted by this though – just get involved in praying and fasting at whatever level you are able!) 


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