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What’s on

Focus // September

Many of us will have heard so often that God does nothing but in answer to prayer. Prayer has always been a primary mark of God’s people in every age. We have probably heard before how the famous George Whitefield retired punctually at 10pm every night but rose especially early at 4am to pray. Martin Luther who 500 years ago nailed his 95 thesis to the church door in Wittenberg Germany which prompted the reformation said ‘ If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day and I have so much business I cannot get on without spending three hours daily in prayer.’ While most of us would never claim that we are men or women whose prayer lives come anywhere close to these men of God we are all nevertheless called to pray and to discover how to pray. We say to God, ‘Lord teach us to pray. ‘ All four congregations are called to come together on Monday 11 September at 7pm, for these monthly half nights of prayer.

You can come for parts of or for all the evening;

7pm The Litany and other Liturgical Prayers.
8pm Prayer and Worship.
9pm Prayer with tea, coffee and treats in small groups.
10pm Prayer walking around the local streets together.

Let’s be inspired rather than crushed by the example of these saints of old and lets come together and pray.


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