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What’s on

Thy Kingdom Come – 24/7 Prayer

This year we will be joining a global wave of prayer as churches and individuals across the world come together to prayer for ten days between Ascension and Pentecost Sunday. We will be praying for more people to know Jesus and that through prayer we will be empowered to find new confidence to witness for Christ in our city.

The location for our ten days of 24/7 Prayer will be in the newly refurbished Church Halls, which presents us with a wonderful opportunity to commit this building to God and to saturate it in prayer.

Booking your prayer slot is easy and can be done online by clicking the link below or it can be done at the Welcome Desk at the back of church. Prayer slots are for one–hour periods, however if you wish to pray for longer you can book two consecutive slots. During the night please commit to 4–hour slots from 11pm–3am or 3am–7am. [Please note: For security reasons, these slots are for men or for a group of women]

The booking systems means that we can ensure every slot is covered, but as the prayer space will be open anybody would be welcome to come in and to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. 

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