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What’s on

Bishop’s Bible Week 2015

‘How do you mend a broken heart?’ 

We’re looking forward to welcoming David Parker, Senior Pastor of the Desert Vineyard Church, who will lead us in 4 studies in Jeremiah. 

Please join us in Shankill Church, Lurgan from 1–4 September each night at 7.45pm.

‘How do you mend a broken heart?’

Tuesday 1st Sept  
The Broken Heart of God (Jeremiah 2)
Wednesday 2nd Sept  
A Crushed Covenant (Jeremiah 5)
Thursday 3rd Sept  
Tough Truths (Jeremiah 13, 19, 27, 32, 35)
Friday 4th Sept  
Restoration and Return (Jeremiah 3, 4, 29–31, 33)

Guest Speaker: David Parker

David received his education at the University of Missouri in ancient history and at Regent College, Canada, in theology. He is the author of a series of inductive Bible study guides and has spent a good portion of his ministry helping people understand and apply the word of God to their lives. 

During the 1980s, David was involved in church leadership in both the United States and Canada. He became identified with the Vineyard movement in 1985 and has travelled widely throughout the Vineyard churches since that time. 

In 1991, David and his family moved to the United Kingdom to pursue an itinerant teaching and equipping ministry to the church in Great Britain. At the end of their two years there, the Parker family returned to the United States with David assuming the leadership of the Church 20 years ago after the passing of its founding pastor, Brent Rue.


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