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Worship Intern

The purpose of the worship internship is to develop you as a leader and in your calling to be a worship pastor. 

The internship is full time and your main responsibility will be assisting the Worship Team Leader in all things required to run an effective worship team. Throughout the year you will be under the supervision of the Worship Team Leader and the Intern Programme Coordinator.

This will include:

As part of your internship you will also be required to assist in practical, ministry and outreach aspects of the church. 

Worship Central Academy

It is possible to combine your Internship with training offered by Worship Central through the Worship Central Academy.  This would require you to travel to Birmingham at various points throughout the year and to take part in online training hubs. Please note the cost of the course and flights to Birmingham are not included in the cost of the internship. We highly recommend this training and strongly encourage applicants to do the course. 

How much?

Each intern is required to pay £1500 towards the cost of the programme for the year. This includes accommodation, utilities, Internet etc. You will be required to cover your own food and expenses. To do the Worship Central Academy, you would be required to pay an additional £800 to cover the cost of the course, plus the cost of travel to and from Birmingham.

Please see our FAQs for any other questions you might have about our internship programme.

The next intake for the Programme starts on Monday 11 September 2017, so if you are interested in being part of this exciting, life–changing programme, please request an Application Pack from james@wpcabelfast.co.uk


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