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Life Groups

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There are currently 25+ small groups which meet each week at various times and on different days, catering for teenagers through to seniors, but all come under the collective name of Life Groups. 

Life Groups are a vital part of the heartbeat of church life in Willowfield and it is through these groups that individuals can get connected with others that are at similar stages of life and build positive friendships that will help them grow. 

We call them Life Groups at Willowfield because we:

– Help people to experience the abundant life of God
– Support each other through real life issues
– Bring life to others

Groups meet in homes and have tea, cake, discussion, a chance to pray for each other, practise spiritual gifts in a safe environment and invite one another into each others lives. Life Groups don’t mearly exist for those within the group but for those beyond the group, so there are opportunities to serve Him together in the church, community and beyond. 

Within the Life Groups we place great importance on studying God’s word and therefore this Winter term we will be encouraging follow the John 3:16 study written by Max Lucado which unpacks word by word this life changing verse and applies it to our lives today. Some groups may wish to follow something different that is focused on the particular needs of their members. 

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We want to help you find a Life Group that works just for you. Fill in your details below and we’ll get back to you.

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