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What if I don’t start at the beginning of the year?  
This reading plan is a one–year cycle. You can join in any time as the cycle starts over each calendar year. Even if you join in late in the year, you will benefit from walking alongside others and reading that section of Scripture.

What if I miss a day or two?  
Don’t get discouraged if you commit to read and then miss a day. Put aside the feeling that you have to “catch up” and just enjoy the reading for today.

I‘m finding BIOY tough–going – what help is available?  
We believe that the bible is God–inspired and as relevant today as it was when it was written. God uses the bible to speak right into our lives – which is why ‘reading the bible’, needs to be a priority for Christians. However it’s also true that the bible is a collection of writings from an entirely different culture & period of history and that many of the references & literary styles used are unfamiliar to us today – which can sometimes leave us scratching our heads! 

So where can we turn for some help? Thankfully, a number of really good resources are available. The people who brought you BIOY recommend a number of resources here.  We’d also recommend the following to help you get the most out of BIAY:

Finally – as you read through BIOY, remember to ask God to help you. ALL of the bible is inspired by God – even the bits we don’t like or find tricky – so God can help you understand what you read each day and can speak into your life by His Spirit.  You may also find it helpful to connect with others. Why not get together once a month with a group of friends or as part of your Life Group and share how God has challenged / encouraged you through the previous month of readings?

What about my children – how can they get involved?

Unfortunately a kids’ version of BIOY is not yet available – however, your children can get involved by using the following resources. 

Check out this kid–friendly bible reading podcast covering Genesis to the Great Commission here.

Alternatively oralongside this option, why not invest in a CD set, which your child could listen to at bed–time.  This dramatised Contemporary English Version of the New Testament has small adaptations for young ears and the bible readings are interspersed with songs.


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