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Awake: 100 Days

Willowfield, CFC, Orangefield Presbyterian, UT Belfast and Newtonbreda Baptist have a dream of uniting in 100 Days of Prayer for a Great Awakening in our Souls, City + Land. 

There are exactly 100 days between January 1st and Good Friday 2020. During these first 100 days of the new decade, we dream of seeing a generation on its knees, crying out to God for ‘A Great Awakening’ 

Will you journey with us? 

Download the PDF Prayer Journal and Small Group Guide 

Important Dates

1 January   Day 1!
8 January   Night of Prayer + Worship at City Hall, 8pm
26 January – 2 February   24×7 Prayer Week in Willowfield

2 February  Prayer + Worship Around the City
19 February  Day 50, Night of Prayer + Worship at St Anne’s, 8pm
23 February – 1 March  24×7 Prayer Week in Willowfield

28 February – 1 March  Prayer + Worship around Our Land
22 March – 29 March  24×7 Prayer Week in Willowfield

30th March – 5th April  Week of Mission
6th April – 12th April  Holy Week 


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