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27 / 7 Prayer

The most significant prayer we could ever pray is the words ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. It is a prayer that asks God to change situations and for his perfect kingdom to be revealed. When we pray things happen. 

Between the 10th and 20th May we will be joining together with Christians from across the world and praying non stop 24–7 for God’s Kingdom to come. 

As we have done in previous years we will setting up a dedicated prayer space in the Willowfield Church Halls and are encouraging people to sign up and cover an hour or two to prayer and encounter God. I am asking you if you would join us in praying during this time. 

Signing up to pray is really easy. It can be done by simply following the link below or at the Welcome Desk.


We look forward to joining you in prayer in what promises to be significant time in the life of Willowfield. 

Download our Thy Kingdom Come – Daily Devotional


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