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Willowfield Youth wants to see an army of young people changing this community, making a positive difference and following in the example of Jesus and his teaching.  


Active Youth
Friday 8.30–10pm // The Halls // £1
This is a chilled, drop in style programme. We have football, tuck shop, PS4, Wii, nail polish, make up and board games, each week we also do an activity, such as baking, sports or team building.


Tuesday 4–5.30pm // Micah Centre
This is a space for young people to come after school, relax and get support with their homework. We will have some qualified teachers on hand as well as computers and snacks for brain power.
A place to release some energy and improve your physical health.

Escape, 16+
Tuesday 9–10.30pm // The Halls // £1
It does what it says in the name, a place for young people aged 16+ to come and escape, we will learning new skills such as cooking and hearing inspirational stories.

Youth Gym
Wednesday / Girls 4.30pm / Guys 5.30pm // The Halls £1
A place to release some energy and improve your physical health.

L.I.T// Wednesday 7.30–9pm // The Halls – 4th Wednesday of the month
This is our new training programme for young leaders where we will be learning new skills that we can put into practice while serving at weekly programmes.

Youth Church
Sunday 10,11.30am & 7pm // Church
This is part of our Sunday Church services were we take time Worship, hear a young person’s testimony and to look at God’s word and explore what He is saying to us. MORE ON SUNDAYS

Deeper // Small Groups
Wednesday 7.30–9pm // The Halls

1st three Wednesday’s of the month // Starting October
Please sign up with Natalie
Deeper will provide young people the opportunity to explore Christianity and develop a habit or hearing from God and learning how to put His words into action.
Saturday 7.30–9pm // Church
1st Saturday of the month
Breakthrough is an opportunity for young people to come and worship God and spend time in His presence, this space will include stations to help young people focus on what God is saying to them. Some months we will attend Saturday Night Live or The HUB at Orangefield.

We love being involved in schools to build relationships with pupils and support teachers.

We can do a range of things in schools, such as, Assemblies, SU, taking R.E and Learning for Life & Work Classes and LIFEGUARDS physical health programme. 

This year we will be involved in Breda Academy, Ashfield Girls, Ashfield Boys and Park School. If you would like us to come to your school, please contact us.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape, or Camp as it’s also known takes place during July or August each year.

We take 50 – 60 young people along with 20 leaders away for a week of activities, these range from go–karting, watersports, beach days, forest days, sports days and more. No Great Escape is ever the same with new themes uniquely shaping each year. 

Summer Madness
Summer Madness has been running for thirty years and is the largest Christian youth festival in Ireland. Taking place at Glenarm Castle in the first weekend in July, we pack our tents and sleeping bag and camp for the five day festival. If you would like more info, or to book your place to this years festival, contact Stuart Douglas. 



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