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Peter Lynas, Director of the Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland comments,

“Evangelical Alliance and Living Out are partnering to hold an event in Belfast on 8 March. Unfortunately some very inaccurate comments have been posted online about the event. The story is simply that a group of Christians, some of whom are attracted to the same sex, are meeting to explore how they best support one other to live faithfully within the teachings of the bible and the Church. It is vital that Churches and people of faith have the freedom to discuss human sexuality and how it is lived out within their religious life together.”

“Living Out is a UK charity that exists to encourage evangelical congregations to better welcome LGBT+ people. As same–sex attracted Christians themselves, they seek to live within traditional biblical sexual ethics which, they are convinced, are good for all of us. Living Out is all about training church leaders to love as Jesus loved and banish any homophobia in their churches. This event does not feature conversion, reparative or ‘gay cure’ therapy. No efforts are being made to change anyone’s sexuality and reports to the contrary are false and misleading.”

“This misinformation has led to deeply offensive comments being made about, and to, the host church – a church which faithfully love and serve everyone around them in very practical ways regardless of their age, religion, race, class or sexual orientation.”


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