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At Willowfield Kids we believe Jesus came to give LIFE and life to the full so we want to help our kids live their lives to the full and to reach their potential as individuals.  

L ove – To show each of our kids the love that God first showed us. 1 John 4:19
I ntegrity – To model to our kids how to live a life of integrity like Daniel did in the Bible. Psalm 119:1
F reedom – To give them freedom to explore their identity and who God has created them to be. Psalm 139:14
E quip – Equip them with knowledge and skills to look after their hearts physically, emotionally and spiritually. Proverbs 4:23

We run a variety of programmes for children of all ages in our community.


Lads Club

Our boys only zone for lads to come along, have banter and spend time getting to know each other.

Time: 5.30pm 6.30pm Venue: Willowfield
Church Halls Age: P4 – P7


After Schools
After Schools is a club for kids to come to when they finish school to get some help with homework and have fun!

Time: 2pm – 3pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P1 – P3

Time: 3pm – 4pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7
   Drama Club
We invite our most DRAMATIC Kids to learn how to act in fun, creative and practical ways to build confidence, reading, public speaking and teamwork skills. We work toward big stage performances, make movies and generally have lots of fun!

4pm – 5pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7


After Schools
After Schools is a club for kids to come to when they finish school to get some help with homework and have fun!

 2pm – 3pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P1 – P3

 3pm – 4pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7
   Willowfield Kids Community Choir
A space for children to engage with music and learn songs in a friendly, warm and encouraging environment  to build confidence, passion for music and performance skills. Seasonal: Please check Willowfield Kids Facebook for dates + times.

4pm – 5pm Venue: Willowfield Church Age: P4 – P7

Squad Goals
Our #squad is a boy free zone for girls to talk about important issues in a fun environment. We focus on being a group of powerful young women women who look out for each other, our community and develop positive relationships with ourselves. Lots of fun, dancing, crafts, playing sports and generally being girls!

Time: 6pm – 7pm  Venue: The Micah Centre  Age: P4 – P7 


Life Guards Gym
Life Guards Gym uses specialised children’s gym equipment to teach kids about exercise in a really fun and engaging way.

The two qualified instructors, Laurence and Luke, run this programme in schools around Northern Ireland but this gym gives children an opportunity to come to them. There are challenges, games, circuits, and competitions! 

Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P1 – P3 

4.30pm – 5.30pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P4 – P7

Cost: £1 per Session

After School Mix–Up

After School Mix Up is our club that changes every 4 weeks that teaches new skill and hobbies! Some of our clubs are: Spanish Club, Film Making Club, Mad Scientist Club, Craft Club, Debate Society, Our Place (good citizenship) etc.

Please check our Willowfield Kids Facebook page for exact details of the club running each month. 

Time: 3.30pm – 4pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7

Kids Kitchen
Kids Kitchen is a programme that runs every 4 weeks for groups of up to10 children to teach them how to cook using our excellent kitchen facilities and dedicated teachers. We have a focus on healthy cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients and simple recipes they can easily replicate at home. We also talk about balanced diets, sugar and salt consumption, fibre and good kitchen hygiene practices. Spaces are limited so please watch Willowfield Kids Facebook for the sign up posts each month. 

Time: 6.30pm – 7.45pm  Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P4 – P7 Cost: £1 per Class.


Kids Klub
A fun space for kids to come, enjoy themselves, make new friends, hang out with leaders and generally just celebrate each week in style. There are crafts, games, use of the U–Turn project facilities (including a park and outdoor pitch), music, running about and a very well stocked tuck shop!

 6pm – 7pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P1 – P3

 7pm – 8pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P4 – P7


Unleash is a monthly children’s worship and discipleship night that runs on the last Saturday of each month. We have a live worship team, creative prayer stations, small group time and an engaging talk. Each month we also have a special treat! Please check Willowfield Kids Facebook page for the exact dates each month.

Time: 7pm – 9pm  Venue: Willowfield Church Age: P1 – P7 


Kids Church
Our programme for teaching children about God in engaging, relevant and interesting ways that runs parallel to the main church service each Sunday.

Visit Kids on Sundays for more information about Kids Church 

If you have any questions about our Kids Ministries then please do get in touch. 












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