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Let’s Start A Willowfield Movement.

Our Kids + Youth Church is on the frontlines of the Willowfield Movement.

Kids + Youth Church at Willowfield is open to all and seeks to teach them about God and the Bible in a fun and interactive environment. It takes place during our morning services and is open to any children from Nursery to Year 11.

Together through Bible stories with lots of daily application, craft, games, prayer, challenges and worship we aim to teach the children who come to Kids + Youth Church more about God, His love for them, how they can follow Him, listen to Him and get to know Him better. We follow the newly developed ‘Jigsaw’ teaching programme which has been designed by the Church of Ireland, alongside our own Movement programme – Truth THEN Dare.

Our young people are with us at the start of the services at both 10am and 11.30am because we believe they are a vital part of our church family. When indicated during the service, the children will then join us at Kids + Youth Church. Nursery – P2 stay at the Micah Centre and P3– Year 11 go to the Church Halls.

At 7pm, we have our evening Kids Church programme which is more informal, small group based with teaching, application and fun. This is a space for growth, questions and building community with all P1–P7s in our church.

On the 2nd Sunday of each month we have ‘Family Services’ at 10am and 11.30am where the young people stay in the main church service to worship with their family with an informal style and age–appropriate teaching that appeals to both kids and their parents.

Teaching themes for this year:

God’s  World                            John  1:3

Living  for  God                    John  15:5

God  hears  us                          Psalm  139:14

Celebrating  Jesus                    Luke  2:11

Our  identity  in  Christ            Romans  12:2

God  is  faithful                         Jeremiah  29:11

Walking  with  Jesus                Revelation  1:18

Building  a  Kingdom                Matthew  6:33

Prayer  changes  things           1  Thes.  5:16–18

Lost  and  Found                       Luke  15:24


Lads Club

Our boys only zone for lads to come along, have banter and spend time getting to know each other.

Time: 5.00pm 6.00pm Venue: Willowfield
Church Halls Age: P4 – P7


After Schools
After Schools is a club for kids to come to when they finish school to get some help with homework and have fun!

Time: 2pm – 3pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P1 – P3

Time: 3pm – 4pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7


After Schools
After Schools is a club for kids to come to when they finish school to get some help with homework and have fun!

 2pm – 3pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P1 – P3

 3pm – 4pm Venue: The Micah Centre Age: P4 – P7

Squad Goals
Our #squad is a boy free zone for girls to talk about important issues in a fun environment. We focus on being a group of powerful young women women who look out for each other, our community and develop positive relationships with ourselves. Lots of fun, dancing, crafts, playing sports and generally being girls!

Time: 6pm – 7pm  Venue: The Micah Centre  Age: P4 – P7 


Life Guards Gym
Life Guards Gym uses specialised children’s gym equipment to teach kids about exercise in a really fun and engaging way.

The two qualified instructors, Laurence and Luke, run this programme in schools around Northern Ireland but this gym gives children an opportunity to come to them. There are challenges, games, circuits, and competitions! 

Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P1 – P3 

4.30pm – 5.30pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P4 – P7

Cost: £1 per Session





Kids Klub
A fun space for kids to come, enjoy themselves, make new friends, hang out with leaders and generally just celebrate each week in style. There are crafts, games, use of the U–Turn project facilities (including a park and outdoor pitch), music, running about and a very well stocked tuck shop!

 6pm – 7pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P1 – P3

 7pm – 8pm Venue: Willowfield Church Halls Age: P4 – P7

Cost: 50p



UNLEASH runs once a month on Saturday evening 7–9pm for ALL P1–P7s at the church.

Unleash is a time of WORSHIP, PRAYER, GAMES + FUN for any kids who want to go that little bit deeper with God. We believe spending time in God’s presence and making that a priority will have a huge impact on our lives! We’ve seen so many wonderful things happen at Unleash over the past year and we’re excited to see some more. Unleash is open to ANY kids, even if they don’t go to Willowfield regularly, so it’s a great opportunity to invite friends from school or your street.


Kids Church
Our programme for teaching children about God in engaging, relevant and interesting ways that runs parallel to the main church service each Sunday.

Visit Kids on Sundays for more information about Kids Church 

If you have any questions about our Kids Ministries then please do get in touch.

 Add Willowfield Kids on Facebook for times/dates and any updates












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