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COVID–19 Kids + Youth

We’d love to connect with you and your family through this next season. 

COVID–19 has changed how we do things at Willowfield Kids + Youth but it hasn’t changed our heart for the children, young people and families we serve. Follow us on social media to join in with all of the fun or contact laurence@wpcabelfast.co.uk for more information or if you need help in any way.

We are now a movement without walls as we are moving to an online presence so please follow us on:

Facebook // Willowfield Kids + Willowfield Youth 

Instagram // Willowfield Youth

TikTok // Willowfield Movement TikTok Account! @theWillowfieldMovement Kids + Youth 

Online Schedule:

Monday // Mental Health Tips, Worship + Ask your Big Questions

Tuesday // Life Guards Video, Homework Club Online (1–3pm), Lad’s Club Online (5–5.40pm)

Wednesday // Prayer Activity, Squad Goals Online 6–6.40pm, Girl’s Small Group Online, Funny Video of the Week

Thursday // Life Guards Video, Homework Club Online, Boys Small Group Online, Big Questions answered

Friday // Story Time with our guest star, Handwashing Testimony (20 second challenge)

Saturday // Family Time Activity Ideas, Bible Verse of the Week

Sunday // Kids + Youth Church, Acts of Kindness challenge

All of our regularly scheduled programmes are off for the moment, but we are using a variety of creative ways to engage with those we serve and love. 

The Willowfield Movement has definitely not stopped, even if we can’t meet in person at this point in time.  The Kids and Youth staff team will continue to be contactable online and by phone if you need us and we’ll be trying to practically support families in whatever way we can.We are still here so stay in touch. 

God Bless,
Willowfield Kids + Youth
(Laurence, Charlene, Luke, Natalie + Reuben)

Life Guards Weekly Challenge

 Check out this great resource on the Down and Dromore website for primary school children. The Down and Dromore youth team have made available a download of their popular 

Family Time book. It’s full of devotional ideas to help parents encourage their primary school–aged children in the Christian faith. The ‘Play, Say and Pray’ format takes a Bible verse and teaches it with a simple illustration, a game, a short explanation and a prayer. It’s accessible and it’s fun!

Digital Support for Youth Children and Families

The Church of Ireland is keen to support families in growing their faith at this time. A new page with resources for families has been launched this afternoon in the Parish Resources section of the central Church website.

Check it out! 

Covid-19: Resources for Family Activities

Check out these Easter Resources for Kids + Youth 

Kids + Youth Easter Resources 




If you are new to Willowfield Church and would like to have someone meet you and show you around, please fill in your details below and we'll get back to you.

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