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Future plans that flow form our Vision and our Values:

1.  Worship:

To work at equipping the whole congregation to take responsibility to press into God for more of His Presence in all our worship services.

– To move to a place where the whole church take more by way of responsibility in inviting family, friends, neighbours and others to each of our Sunday services thus ensuring that we are all doing what Christ commanded and reaching towards others with His Gospel.

– To regularly invite everyone who lives in the parish of Willowfield to Sunday services.

– Each congregation i.e. 10am, 11.30am, 5.00pm & 7pm to take responsibility for hospitality, welcome and the growth of each congregation.

– To make it easier for people to give financially as part of how we worship together.

2. Teaching God’s Word:

– To raise up men and women who will train for ordination, train as lay readers, diocesan evangelists and other roles who will release to serve in the wider church in the Diocese and across Ireland north and south.

– To prioritise discipling our people through life groups, training courses and other training opportunities.

– To get Biblical material into the homes of people in our parish and beyond on a regular basis.

– To provide more by way of teaching materials at every level of our church life.

3.  Word and Spirit:

– To train and release more of our congregation for prayer ministry both at church services and church activities and through ministries like our ‘door–to–door’ visitation, ‘healing on the street’, and all our outreach ministries.

– To help our whole congregation to consciously carry into every place and into every circumstance the Presence of God which is transformational.

– To put in place a monthly prayer gathering for the whole church to which there will be an expectation that everyone in leadership, those who serve in our ministries and those in life groups give priority on this monthly evening.

4. Evangelism

– To maximize the impact of all our outreach ministries.

– To only give space, time, energy and money to ministries that are having a Kingdom impact.

– To equip every Christian to share Christ much more intently and regularly with family, friends and others.

– To prioritise in new ways impacting our local community for Christ through new sports activities and other programmes in our church hall.

– To enable teams from Willowfield to travel with George Newell as part of equipping them for evangelism in their everyday life and Willowfield ministry.

– To continue and to strengthen our existing outreach ministries like door–to–door, and continue to use all the big festivals i.e. Christmas, Easter etc. creatively.

5. Serving

– To provide ways in which every Christian in Willowfield is serving, giving time to ministries that are Kingdom focused.

– To share more clearly what is happening through different ministries and how to become involved in these.

– To come alongside people and help them discover their gifts and passions and enable them find ways to serve.  Some courses as well as one–to–one conversations will help with this.

– To train and equip more of our people for works of service.

6. Healthy Churches mean Healthy Nations

– We will continue to release people and resources to help plant healthy churches across Ireland north and south.

– We will help resource and strengthen other churches by generously sharing our resources with others, an example of this could be using our podcasts more effectively, sharing our Easter and Christmas design resources with others etc.

– We will work closely with New Wine Ireland to re–energise, encourage and equip Kingdom mission and ministry helping local churches become healthier and stronger so that this nation is impacted by the Gospel.

– We will increasingly answer God’s call in becoming a resource Church in our nation as we send people and resource other churches.

7. World Mission

– We will find ways to resource and share in the ministry and mission of those in our congregation who are called to mission overseas.

– We will provide more opportunities for staff, Vestry members and others to visit our mission projects overseas.

8. Generosity

– We will be more intentional and creative in teaching on giving and on tithing.

– We will call all of our people to model generosity in how to give financially, how to speak well of others, how we build others up and how we sit more loosely to possessions and to our finances.

– We will be clearer in how we provide information on how to give and on how money releases ministry, releases mission and changes people’s lives forever.

– We will move to modern methods of contributing financially as appropriate using the web, apps on phone and new technology as it emerges.

9. Integrity & Discipleship

– Clear guidelines will be in place for staff and volunteers on how we handle money, how we relate to the opposite sex, how we listen to and speak to others at business meetings.  Moral integrity will be expected from and guidelines in place for all in leadership positions.

– These guidelines all increasingly be on the public arena for all to see.

– We will be clear on who we are at the core expecting high standards from those at the center but welcoming at the edges enabling those not following Christ yet to discover the beauty of his presence and the goodness of his truths.

– We will provide resources and input to empower those in leadership, empower others to live as disciples of Jesus.

– We will provide teaching material for life groups, discipleship courses for all ages and more one–to–one discipleship opportunities.

10. Hospitality

– Currently how we connect people with the life of our church through welcome at Sunday services, the gathering of people’s contact details, invitations to welcome lunches, introductory visits will be coordinated more effectively as we develop systems through Church Suite.

– We will be asking all our people to prioritise hospitality by inviting new comers and these in need out for coffee, by opening our homes for hospitality and by investing increasingly in hospitality at our programmes.

– Any meanness in how we offer hospitality or how we relate to each other and to others will be increasingly challenged and not accepted.


Matthew 6:31–33
So do not worry, saying, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we drink?” or “What shall we wear?” For the pagans run after all these things,  and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


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