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New Wine

Willowfield is a New Wine resource Church and as such is committed to ministry that is both rooted in the Scriptures, teaching God’s Word and seeing the gifts of the Holy Spirit exercised in all aspects of church life.

New Wine Ireland is a movement of local churches working together to see Ireland transformed by God and for God. 

New Wine Ireland have a dream that one day, there will be a local church in every city, town and village in Ireland that is proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and that is raising, equipping and releasing disciples to grow His kingdom.In order to see this dream become a reality, they will do their part to strengthen, renew and plant churches. They will work along with others who share this dream and actively seek partners to join them on this journey. They focus on four main areas as they seek to see this dream become a reality: Leaders, Resourcing, Summer Conference, and Training. 

You can read more about New Wine Ireland and their dream for Ireland here.



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