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Church Hall Project

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We have recently embarked upon a major re–development project for our church hall site on the Woodstock Road. This work is much needed to make our halls attractive, fit for purpose and well equipped for our church and community.

Situated in a really good location on the Woodstock Road, East Belfast, our church halls have the potential to be a great resource to the wider community, but not in their current state. Although structurally sound, the building is unattractive, somewhat dilapidated and no longer fit for purpose. 

We plan to re–develop, re–order and refurbish the existing halls to provide a suite of halls that will offer much improved facilities for the local community. There will be a proper sports hall, a second large multi–purpose space, a suite of offices, meeting rooms and storage (e.g. for large pieces of sports equipment), and a gathering space/ good–will cafe with kitchen facilities.

Once the work is completed Willowfield Parish Church is committed to using the halls to facilitate groups that benefit local residents. Many of our existing activities are already run to include and benefit many who are not church members – including seniors clubs, a toddler group, uniformed youth organisations, and youth and children’s activities. The increased capacity and properly planned facilities will allow for growth both in numbers and usage. 

Church members are committed to raising a large amount of the £1million project cost, but we do need outside help. We are approaching possible funders as well as running a range of fund–raising initiatives.

If you would like to contribute to our Church Hall Development Project you can do so here or by contacting our church office for further information. 



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